Dog Mom AF Tote Bag
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Dog Mom AF Tote Bag

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This functional and fashionable tote bag will show everyone just how much of a dog mom you really are! You can order this in black with white lettering or tan with black lettering! After that, you can select your paw color!


Care Instructions

Hand wash or machine wash cold on gentle cycle. Air dry on a flat surface.

Bandanas without sparkles:  Iron on medium heat as needed.

Bandanas with sparkles: Direct heat via ironing is not recommended. If you do iron it, please use a lower heat and place a piece of fabric between the iron and bandana. We recommend ironing though a cotton pillowcase.

Sizing Chart

Our sizes are determined by the length of the longest edge of the bandana. We suggest you measure your pups neck and add an extra 4-6” to allow room to tie onto your pet (neck size + 4-6" to tie = minimum bandana length).

Bandana Size Minimum Bandana Length Suggested
Neck Size
Size By Breed Suggestion
X-Small 16" Up to a 10" neck Small breed puppies, Chihuahuas
Small 20" Up to a 14" neck Medium Breed Puppies, Mini-Aussie
Medium 24" Up to a 18" neck Vizsla, GSP, Corgi (small)
Large 28" Up to a 21" neck Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Lab, Corgi (large)
X-Large 32" Up to a 24" neck Great Dane, Cane Corso, Bernese Mountain Dog, Great Pyrenees 



Care Instructions

Spot clean as needed.

Sizing Chart

Little Bow:
  • Approximately 3.75" in length
  • Fits collars up to 1 inchIf you are using a 1/2 inch collar, trim velcro down to fit. The bow will look its best when the velcro is snug on the collar.

Big Bow:

  • Approximately 4.75" in length
  • Fits collars up to 2 inchesIf you are using on a 1 inch collar, trim the velcro down to fit. The bow will look its best when the velcro is snug on the collar.

Image of a little and big bow, indicating the little bow is approximately 3.75 inches wide and the big bow is approximately 4.75 inches wide

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